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No secrets, no fluff, just results delivered through 50 years category experience in strategic and operational marketing. We are a full service digital agency combining all elements of our business operations to meet your ongoing marketing requirements

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Digital Fuel Marketing is a 24/7 operation. Success requires real-time event led marketing and speed to market is essential. With office hours spanning every time zone, we have you covered.



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Get to know how Digital Fuel Marketing got started

Listen to our CEO & Founder Toby Oddy, chat about how, why and where he set up Digital Fuel Marketing. Understand what we are about, and why we are so successful! 

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Meet the team

Since inception, Digital Fuel have recruited experience from within sports, betting and gaming. Our wider team’s CVs extend to working within marketing departments at some of the leading global brands and agencies

These days we still help large gambling organisations win the online battle, but we also use our range of digital skills and experience to benefit a wide range of businesses. In fact, we love working with anyone who realises that finding and holding on to new customers online is an integral part of any business model. They look to us to get the edge and we’re happy to deliver.

Toby Oddy

CEO & Founder

Mike Dodgson

Head of Operations

Andy Scott

Account Director

Kristian Towell

Head of Content & SEO

Alison Batchelor

Affiliate Manager

Aaron Phelps

Head of Biddable Media

Dan Zaltzman

Head of Business Development

Oliver Liebscher

Head of Design

Laurie McAllister

Client Account Manager

Tamlin Legay

Senior Performance Manager

Shae Healey

Senior Digital Campaign Executive

Jake Patton

Web Designer

Dipesh Parmer

CRM Manager

Dan Price

Content Executive

Max Martin

Marketing Assistant

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