Let’s Talk ‘Digital Marketing 101’


If you read any of the Digital Marketing 101 or ‘Digital Marketing for Dummies’ type articles, they’ll tell you – and rightly so – that digital marketing strategy includes aspects such as SEO, PPC, Media Buys, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and Social Media.


Having a digital marketing strategy is important for a range of reasons. With today’s ever-evolving technology, traditional marketing methods (while still appropriate in the right circumstances) are often not effective enough on their own to reach and influence your audience. Finding the right digital marketing mix that is best for your business can be a difficult task, but it’s important for many reasons, and it should be considered because it:

  • Reinforces branding and differentiation
  • Expands reach to prospective customer base
  • Adapts to trends in user behavior and preferences
  • Enables targeting and segmentation
  • Provides complete tracking and reporting transparency

Digital Fuel can help find the most cost-efficient digital marketing balance for your business, delivering the most bang for your buck, and our clients are already reaping the rewards of our specialist knowledge and expertise when it comes to acquisition across the major high spending verticals of Travel, Finance, Gambling, and Education.


Let’s take a quick look at what each digital marketing tool does, how they contribute to the overall marketing effort, and how they can help your business to grow.


Search Engine Optimization is the use of various techniques to improve a website’s ranking in the search engines through organic means, ultimately to attract more visitors to the site.

SEO is relatively low cost, provides permanent results, long-standing return, and has cross-channel impact. It also delivers high customer values. However, it is a time-consuming process, and requires continuous ongoing maintenance to see results. Also, keep in mind that your SEO is vulnerable to changes made in search engine algorithms.


Pay Per Click is an advertising model, or online campaign, wherein a website pays a set amount (bid price) whenever someone clicks on their ad. PPC is quick, it extends your reach, and can return high customer values, as well as counteract your SEO vulnerability that we spoke about above.


In this context, media buys are the purchase of digital advertising space that give you access to high volume traffic, allow you to target your customers or prospects exactly where they are online, and provides an opportunity to build your brand. There is a the risk of low value traffic through digital media buys, as well as lack of transparency and the possibility of ad blocking. But with the right attribution model and bidding and tracking tools your media buys can provide a good source of converting traffic.

Email Marketing

This involves sending your customers or prospects a direct personalized communication via email, with their specific needs in mind. Email marketing is still a very popular and effective means of communicating with your customers or prospects. It is simple, offers quick results, and is low cost.

Affiliate Marketing

Involves working with third party marketers, known as Affiliates, on a performance-based model for referred traffic. In recent years, many businesses have thrived on the back of an affiliate marketing program. It shares the risk and cost of acquiring customers, helps fill in gaps and blind spots, offers access to large pools of, ideally, relevant traffic, creates buzz through impressions, and basically acts as a third party endorsement.

To use it effectively requires a long-term investment of time and resources to grow results, plus affiliate relationships need constant nurturing and support, and you must be prepared to offer your affiliates total transparency, as well as access to reliable tracking and reporting.

Social Media

This requires using social media networking websites or platforms as a marketing tool, with the goal of engaging two-way communication between company and consumer, and encouraging social sharing of content/messaging.

There are a number of benefits to incorporating social media into the digital marketing mix. It provides global reach to millions of people through social sharing. It is also highly effective at delivering a brand story, and creating a positive brand experience, which in turn contributes to improved customer retention, brand loyalty, positive SEO ranking, improved customer insight through “social listening”, and integrates well with the mobile user experience.

Social media marketing can leave your brand reputation vulnerable to attack, it requires a significant time investment, and a bad social media presence can have more impact than none at all. So, make sure you do it well, or not at all.

At Digital Fuel, we’d also hasten to add the elements of Mobile Marketing and Real-Time Bidding to the equation. Others might call these ‘future trends’, but for us at Digital Fuel, they are significant cogs in the digital marketing wheel TODAY.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing connects your business with your audience in real time wherever they are in the world. New and exciting ways of marketing directly to your customer are now available through mobile platforms. The number of mobile phone owners worldwide continues to increase, with Smartphone usage also steadily on the rise. Customers are never far from their mobile devices, and therefore, from your product or service.

If your mobile platform and mobile marketing isn’t up to scratch today, you are losing revenue and the longer-term impact on your brand is tangible.

Real Time Bidding

Real Time Bidding and Behavioral Advertising continues to build on how accessible your target market has become. Now we are able to advertise to the appropriate demographic, focusing on the target customer or prospect. Using blanket websites is no longer effective or efficient. With today’s technology we match the advertising to the correct demographic in real time.

We buy display media using a dynamic cost per thousand impressions (CPM) method. The model is similar to PPC, where we bid on the impressions that convert into business, giving your company a better return on investment for each impression.

Digital Fuel will then go on to optimise your display campaign to quickly determine what your prospects and customers behavioural demographics are when they are browsing the web. Once we are armed with this behavioural data, our team will buy targeted display advertising from the leading advertising networks, exchanges and specific websites, based on these profitable demographics.


Digital Marketing can be confusing to those who are new to it. If you want the benefit of a digital marketing strategy, but you’re not quite sure where to start, or what the right mix is for your own business, then working with a leading digital marketing agency, such as ours, can be a worthwhile investment.

We can provide expertise and guidance for your marketing department, and an understanding of the relationship between your offline and online marketing strategy, which is key to its success. By aligning all your marketing channels, your business will deliver a consistent brand and experience to your customers, to deliver a higher return on investment across all marketing channels.

At Digital Fuel, we’re equipped to become your one-stop-shop for all your digital marketing needs. There are many advantages to working with an agency, and some of those benefits you’ll discover if you do work with Digital Fuel are that we:

  • Are fully approved on all paid search platforms – Google, Baidu, and Bing
  • Use Double Click Manager to traffic, target, deliver, and report on interactive advertising campaigns
  • Own and operate our own DSP (Demand-Side Platform) for tracking, serving, and connecting to advertising exchanges, which provides wide access to inventory and vertical and lateral targeting, with the ability to serve ads, real-time bid on ads, track the ads and optimize.
  • Own and run our own Email Platform designed for the multi-screen world of digital marketing that ensures your email renders according to the consumer’s device, whether desktop, mobile or tablet.
  • Offer SMS solutions via our bespoke mobile text and tracking platform

First things first though. You must ensure that the foundation of what you’re offering in the market place is sound. You can have the best digital marketing strategy in the world, but that needs to be backed up with a solid user experience.

We recommend that before you start adding digital marketing plans to your daily mix, that we take the time to visit your site(s) from a neutral perspective, and assess it with an unbiased eye. We might find 4 or 5 small issues along the user journey that at first glance seem insignificant, but that are in fact, turning your potential customers away from your site in droves. Today’s web user is impatient and unforgiving, and simple fixes can vastly improve your conversion funnel, and even extend the life cycle of your customer.

Once we’ve completed this exercise, we’ll be ready to get started with you on your digital marketing journey.

We’ll be happy to discuss your digital marketing needs today.

You can contact us online @ http://www.digitalfuel.com.au/contact-us/.

Author: Digital Fuel

Words by the Digital Fuel team members