Twitter Ads Adds Two New Targeting Features

Hold the phone! Twitter has added a couple of very cool features to its advertising capability. Many may have missed the news, as it was released quietly and without too much fanfare in the lead up to the Holidays. Sometime in between your office Christmas parties and your first eggnog with the family, Twitter announced two new additions to help advertisers connect with their mobile audiences.

On December 16th, 2014, they released the following two new features:

  • The ability to target by mobile carrier
  • The ability to target users with NEW mobile devices

These attributes will allow advertisers to reach the right audience on Twitter Ads with even more accuracy and efficiency.

In today’s era of connectivity, it comes as no surprise that 80% of active users engage on the Twitter platform from their mobile device. This pair of features now sits alongside previous tools rolled out by Twitter Ads, including the ability to target by mobile operating system, specific device and Wifi connectivity.


Being able to reach users based on their mobile carrier is a fairly obvious advantage for mobile carriers, mobile manufacturers and app marketers. However, it can also benefit the rest of the commercial world, including within our sectors of digital marketing and affiliate marketing.

Advertisers across verticals can create carrier-targeted campaigns that tap into with their defined current client and potential customer demographics. For example, a brand whose research has identified that users of a certain carrier are predisposed to be interested in their product can use this feature to target those users exclusively to optimize campaign efficiency.


This feature is particularly exciting when you consider that Christmas is upon us, and the number of good boys and girls who receive a shiny new Smartphone from Santa is anticipated to be high.

Using new mobile device targeting, you can target (or exclude) those who have recently used Twitter on a mobile device or carrier. You can advertise directly to those who have used Twitter on a new device within a certain period of time, plus you can combine new mobile device targeting with any other targeting type, such as keyword, interest, or mobile operating system. This means you can now layer your targeting criteria, and the result of your advertising campaigns on Twitter are guaranteed to be infinitely more effective if you do.

The feedback is overwhelmingly positive so far from those who have tested the new features; they have found them to be beneficial to create more efficient campaigns, which translates into more consumer engagement, and ultimately increased brand awareness and more sales to impact the bottom-line.


For us at Digital Fuel, we’re already on board with the whole “mobile” movement. We understand that mobile technology and being able to talk to our clients and prospects wherever they are, on-the-go, is enabling us to be more relevant and accessible to them in their daily lives. That’s pretty key to creating an environment in which we can get to know them more organically, to understand their needs and wants, and to nurture our relationships with them.

The release of the new ‘mobile device targeting tool’ particularly, is surely a smart strategic move on Twitter’s part, as they anticipate the new iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S5, amongst other popular Smartphone models, will top many a Christmas wish list this holiday season. That equates to a monster surge of new consumers for advertisers to market to through mobile marketing techniques, and more specifically through Twitter advertising.

Mobile carrier targeting and new device targeting are now available in 35 countries, and it will be rolling it out to Twitter’s Ads API partners shortly.

Add these two new targeting tools to Twitter’s announcement this week that they will soon include a “BET NOW” and “REGISTER NOW” button, and we’re excited to ramp up our investment in future ad campaigns that we choose to run via this social networking platform. Twitter has suddenly become more applicable to Digital Fuel and our partners…we think once you take the time to review Twitter’s recent updates, you’ll most definitely agree with us!

To get started, or to learn more, visit or get in touch with us today to discuss how Digital Fuel can help you take advantage of these new Twitter advertising features for the benefit of your business.

Happy Holidays – from the Digital Fuel Team

Author: Digital Fuel

Words by the Digital Fuel team members