The Digital Market in Asia

The digital market in Asia is booming, and it’s definitely one that is financially worthwhile making the effort to be part of, if your company has ever aspired to conquer the high growth economies of Hong Taiwan, and mainland China, amongst others.

However, the Asian region poses a unique, discerning, and somewhat unforgiving audience to the uninitiated, and requires some specialist knowledge and understanding to make your best impression.

To succeed in the Asian market, you need a local partner that both understands the nuances of the audience, and one that can provide the necessary knowledge and skill set to bridge the cultural gap.

Digital Fuel is such a partner. Far be it for us to toot our own horn, but we are well equipped – and well placed with our offices in Hong Kong – to help you establish and grow your business in Asia, and more specifically in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, mainland China, Japan and Malaysia.

Perhaps you’ve made attempts to make inroads into Asia already that have just not had any traction, or you don’t know how to target your specific audience among the world’s biggest online population? Well, we’re here to help you localize your offer, and to help your business take advantage of the thriving digital market in the Asian region.

For example, did you know that Google may be King of the global search engine space, but in China, Baidu reigns supreme? Baidu actually serves over 90% of the online advertising space in China, with daily search query numbers soaring into the hundreds of millions.

It’s through this behemoth of a search engine Baidu, that you can effectively deliver your strategic messaging to an unparalleled number of digitally savvy “netizens”, wǎngmín (网民, literally “net-people”) or wǎngyǒu (网友, literally “net-friend”), a.k.a. “Internet users” in universal terms.

With a well-respected foothold in Hong Kong, Digital Fuel Asia is currently running successful campaigns for companies based across the globe. Our agency is approved to run these campaigns for our clients on the all-important Baidu PPC, as well as the following platforms:

  • Chinese Google Paid Search
  • Soso Search and Display
  • Weibo Ads
  • RenRen Ads
  • Taobao Express
  • Tencent
  • Alibaba

We know that if your business is to not only survive, but to prosper in Asia, it requires the basics of search, and the complexities of a fully integrated social media and display campaign that will propel your brand forward.Weibo

We offer expertise in Paid Search activity and Social Media Marketing specific to the countries we singled out earlier in this post, and we are fully versed in the intricacies of what local customers respond to when purchasing products or services online. We can share our insight on how they interact across different devices, which will prove critical to whether your business lives and breathes in the Asian region, or withers away and dies a slow, insignificant and largely unnoticed death.

Our hand-picked team in Hong Kong have the industry knowledge to build successful strategies and campaigns for your business that will solidify your brand presence in the region, while delivering conversions in this challenging market.

The ‘local’ Hong Kong team is dedicated to identifying localised keywords and expressions that are key to making sure your brand translates in this very specific market, plus they are fluent in English to help you implement a culturally aware and relevant campaign.

In short, Digital Fuel will work with you to make sure nothing is lost in translation, and we guarantee campaigns that will deliver the results that you may have previously eluded your business efforts in this challenging Asian region.

So, what are you waiting for? Expand your horizons – and your revenue streams – with access to lucrative new markets in Asia. Speak to us, and let us get you moving and making all the right noises with relevant and localised content that speaks to the local consumer in a language that can be understood, is relevant, and fuels mutual respect.

Author: Digital Fuel

Words by the Digital Fuel team members