5 Ways to Optimise your Landing Pages

Landing pages are often users’ first interactions with your brand: they must be eye-catching, engaging and ultimately earn you money.

Companies pay big bucks to be seen at the top of Google and more often than not these PPC links are redirected to a landing page. The job of the landing page is entice the user into taking an action (buying a product, registering an account) and showing the user the easiest possible way of doing it. Below we look at five top tips for how to increase this conversion rate.

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  1. Make Responsive Landing Pages There are so many devices users can browse the internet with these days that creating a website that isn’t responsive is a waste of time. As of 2014 more users access the internet on a mobile phone than they do on a desktop (source). However it’s not just mobile we’re designing for, we have to think about tablets (big and small), televisions, games consoles and even watches. Rather than building a separate website for each device it’s much more time efficient to build one landing page that can adapt and scale to the device it’s being viewed on.

Take a look at the responsive landing pages Digital Fuel has designed and built for Tailorbet:

responsive landing page

  1. Have a Clear CTA The first aim of a landing page should be provide the user with as much information as they require to do the task you wish them to do. For example, if a gambling company has an offer on the Champions League final, our primary aim is to give the users information about this offer without any of the background noise most homepages have. To do this we strip away the menu, the footer and anything that is not related to the offer. We want this page to be as clear and simple as possible. See an example of homepage and landing page below:

landing page v homepage

Secondly we want a big, clear call-to-action (CTA) button. Hopefully your offer has enticed the user into registering, so next we want to make sure it’s obvious and easy to register an account.

cta buttons

  1. Keep your Goal Simple The traffic on landing pages are one-way visitors. The users often come in from paid search links or affiliate websites and are redirected out to somewhere on your site that allows them to achieve a very specific goal (e.g. register an account). Don’t distract your users with news articles, help sections, my account, and so forth. Have one goal for the landing page and remove everything that isn’t helping the user complete that goal.

  2. Be Specific & Relevant The simplicity of landing pages (in comparison to developing a product or an app) makes them relatively fast to create, Digital Fuel would usually take less than one working day to create a landing page. This fast turnaround means we can create multiple landing pages that are very targeted. For example rather than creating just one landing page for Tailorbet we would create landing pages for each sport (Football, Basketball, Tennis) and also for specific events (Champions League Final, NBA Finals, Wimbledon)

If a user has searched for ‘Champions League betting’ and is shown a landing page with football imagery and a specific Champions League offer they will be much more likely to convert than another user that is shown a generic landing page with no football related offer.

  1. Analyse & Improve Add Google Analytics to all of your landing pages and set up Goal Conversions. This allows you to work out your conversion rate – number of visits to your landing page vs how many completed actions (registrations, purchases or app downloads) these visitors produce.

Top Tip: Add a nofollow tag to all of your PPC landing pages. If you’re getting organic traffic alongside your PPC traffic it will skew your conversion data.

Use Google Analytics Content Experiments to A/B test variations of landing pages. Possible variants to test:

Amount of content. Do your users prefer to know every single detail of an offer or are they more likely to convert if you have a stripped back version of the offer with minimal wording? Type of CTA. Try variations of wording and actions for your CTA – Register Now, Claim Now, Play Now, etc. Imagery. Is your landing page more likely to convert if you have imagery of the offer/product you’re selling or if you have imagery of smiling, happy people? Animations. Animations catch a users eye, however keep it subtle. A very subtly glowing button or slideshow of imagery can work a treat but don’t go over the top. Users are impatient and won’t hang around to watch the five minute video you’ve spent six months creating!

Author: Digital Fuel

Words by the Digital Fuel team members