How to Make Your Content Stand Out

We’re bombarded at every turn, on every available media outlet, with an ever-increasing over-abundance of content, and it’s all vying for the rarest commodity on earth – our time and attention.

That doesn’t mean content marketing won’t work for you today. What it does mean, however, is that your content marketing will have to work harder for you than it did even a year ago.

For example, if your prospects show concern for a certain topic, and all your competitors are creating content discussing said topic to show your prospects they care about the issue too, then it suddenly becomes even harder for your content about the subject to stand out in the sea of content.

The bottom line is that means you need to work harder on your content to capture the eyes and interest of some very jaded people. Just know that being lazy with this stuff won’t pass the grade any more.

Your content needs to be more relevant, more insightful, more useful, more intelligent, and a cut above everything else out there on the subject matter. Yes, we know that’s setting a high bar, but we’re happy to share five techniques with you that will help you reach that bar, and perhaps even exceed it on the odd occasion.

Your sweet spot is “The BOMB”

Your sweet spot is the area where two circles intersect. The first circle is all the knowledge you hold, i.e. the things your company is an expert at and an authority on. The second circle is the issues your prospects are really into and care about.

The overlap between these two circles is your sweet spot: the topics, themes and issues you have a unique perspective on, and are a real authority in, but that still interests your prospects too. Your best content will always emanate from here.

Too much about YOU and the selling of YOU, and suddenly nobody wants to know. Stray too far away from your authority sphere, and nobody wants to hear from you about it.

So, the first thing for you to remember is to ALWAYS stay in the sweet spot, and good things will happen.

Psychographic targeting beats demographics hands down Demographics are great to have a handle on, but they just get you to the starting line.

By understanding the psychology of your target audience, you will be able to write content and distribute it in the appropriate media, so that it both reaches and resonates with them.

If your prospect has shown frustration, is fed up with the status quo and angry with all the vendors in the market, don’t ignore this. Tap into that, and take advantage of this insight. Or if your ideal prospect is a confident, champion type — send out content with bundles of attitude and passion that will attract this kind of buyer.

Capture emotion, not just facts

Building an argument for someone to do something is key. Yet, the bulk of research into behavioral psychology agrees: people don’t make decisions based on rational appeals. They are ruled more by their hearts in decision-making, and their heads are back up, enlisted to rationalize the decision.

That means you must create content that doesn’t only engage people mentally and make them think something — it also has to make them feel something. Manage to do both of these things, and you’ll be onto a winning formula.

Always keep in mind what it feels like to endure the problem your solutions address. Then consider how it feels to overcome these problems. Explore and address these feelings in your content, and you’ll discover that cool things come out of it…cool things your prospects can identify with.

Practice the TRUTH

Insane Honesty is an under-used tool that’s extraordinarily powerful. It says: Take your worst points – and put them in the spotlight. Showcase them for all to see. Lead with them. Don’t sweep them under a rug.

Your prospects will respect your raw sincerity and candor, and find it oddly refreshing. This in itself makes you stand out from the crowd of your competitors who likely serve up the same “sales at any cost” type of marketing pitch! You’ll be seen as “the genuine article” by your prospects, and someone they can trust

5. Create Confident Content

Confident content dramatically out-performs content. It sounds obvious, but so many think that near enough is good enough…it’s not. Self-assured (no, not arrogant) content signals two things:

We’re the best at this. We know exactly what we’re talking about, and we want to share our knowledge with you. Let’s have some fun and enjoy this together. We’re good at telling stories, and we’ll make it worth your time to read us. For these two things to be believable, they have to be TRUE. That means creating content you know will help your prospects in their jobs and their daily lives. It means your writers and designers must be top-notch. Mediocrity won’t cut it!

Finally, it also means shoot for the stars from the get-go. Let everyone involved in the project know that you’re aiming high, and whatever they deliver must be the absolute best piece of content on the Internet available for this particular topic.

Confident content says less but with more conviction. It doesn’t try to stuff every fact and figure into every article. It also doesn’t have to be liked by everyone in your company before it gets released, but it does grab the reader and keeps them in your firm grasp, not letting go until you’re 100% done with them.

Whatever you do, don’t settle for OK, don’t say yes to middle-of-the-road, self-indulgent, white-washed, blah-blah-blah content, because it won’t stand a chance amongst today’s discerning public.

So the challenge is set – Go forward and generate content with authority, based on real psychological insight. Tap into emotion, not just logic. Try a bit of crazy truth, and above all, make the message of your content quite clear – “Ours is a company with confidence based on results, not bravado or ego”.

Stick to these five guidelines, and you’ll be a rockstar when it comes to delivering vibrant, thoughtful and authentic content to your prospects. It’s as simple as that.

We touched on it earlier, but in order to take your content to the next level, your designers need to be on the ball as much as your writers. They must be skilled enough to create accompanying images that make your content jump out of the page (or screen) and come alive to attract attention.

Your creative must also be tailored to your prospects and encourage further engagement with your brand, and ultimately click through and sales. It’s all very well to have great content, but these days, we have become very much visual creatures, and without the right images supporting your content, your best writing efforts might still go unread.

At Digital Fuel, we bring art and science together. Our digital gurus work with our designers to combine insights and creative flair to maximize the effectiveness of your online marketing. To standout in a crowd, you need to hit the right segment, with the right creative, to truly engage your audience. We provide creative and design services that can help you do this, and we have the talent and skills to elevate your content to greater heights amongst your prospects.

To get in touch about working with us, contact us here. Let us fire up your creative for maximum impact and ROI.

Author: Digital Fuel

Words by the Digital Fuel team members