Why Data is the Key to a Winning User Experience

The digital transformation has changed the way customers approach brands, and as a result, has called brands to rethink their approach to connecting with their customers in value-driving ways. Eighty-one percent of marketers say data is important, and 59% say it’s crucial in their efforts to connect with their customers and achieve success. For example, nearly 50% of America’s largest companies report seeing major results from their focus on data, and 80.7% of executives see their big data ventures as successful.

But why does data really matter? Here’s a quick guide to optimising your customer experience.

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The Age of the Customer

Every customer is on a journey, whether they realise it or not, from awareness to loyalty. It’s a brand’s duty to help them make the journey in the simplest way that actually meets their unique needs.

Data is the key to achieving stellar customer experience at every phase of the journey. However, data alone doesn’t drive results. Eighty percent of data is wasted, never implemented to benefit the customer or brand’s bottom line. By implementing systems, processes and people behind the scenes, brands can derive the actionable insights they need to optimise the customer journey for excellence.

How Data Drives Customer Experience

Data connects customers and brands, and as it’s collected from more sources, the depth of insight into customer behaviour and preferences grows. Savvy brands can now:

  • Personalise the customer journey More than 85% of mobile marketers achieve their KPIs for successful personalisation—engagement, revenue and conversions. Why? Because customers want to interact in ways that save time, and that recognise them not as a potential sale, but as a valuable, unique individual.
  • Increase engagement Personalised content and touchpoints increase your chances of resonating with customers, and bringing them into your brand’s conversation. Today’s brands are determining which channels within a multichannel mix are most effective to increase engagement among different customer segments. Engagement is crucial, and a vital step on the path to conversion.
  • Drive lasting relationships Giving customers what they want matters, but creating the ideal customer experience is about connecting with them at every level, including meeting their emotional needs. Brands can use customer preferences to fuel content approach and messaging. One company achieved a 15% increase in active customers, and doubled the rate of same-store-sales growth through an emotional-connection-based strategy.

The Case for Data-Informed Decisions

Nearly half of brands are turning to data to start connecting their content to stages in the buyer’s journey. Brands are tapping into user data to create an experience that their customers want. But it’s not just about data, which alone doesn’t trigger actions that impact performance. Savvy brands are taking it a step further by turning it into insights. Samsung’s use of a real-time social listening software enabled them to enter conversations that were happening around them, and tap into the perceptions and feelings of their audiences to address their biggest pain points. Nike was able to determine that customers would pay more for the ability to customise their products before ordering online.

As touchpoints increase in the digital transformation, brands will interface with their clients in new ways. Data must be matched with business insights to fuel optimisations that drive ROI. Pair this with an understanding of your market situation, and you have the ingredients for campaigns that increase engagement, grow your brand and build lasting relationships with customers.

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