How to Encourage Social Shares and Engagement

Social media platforms are resplendent with opportunities for brands to connect with audiences around the world. Nearly 75% of Aussies use social media, 14% of whom do so to research products prior to purchase. With more people spending more time than ever checking in with their social networks, it’s become a prime destination for savvy businesses vying for visibility.

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About 56% of Australian businesses have a social media presence, but many brands get stuck trying to engage their audiences. Between selecting the right hashtags, platform and posting cadence, it can be a challenge to drive engagement. If your brand is on social media, you’re already doing something right. But if you’re ready to take your social efforts beyond dead-end posts, to drive engagement and results, it’s time to up your game.

Tap these 7 best practises to boost social engagement with your brand.

  • Start a movement

People want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. The New York Times reported that 68% of people share social content that defines them and their values. Create content that provides opportunities for followers to make an exponential difference.

  • Embrace with humour

Don’t be afraid to be your branded self in all your tongue-in-cheeky glory. Irish bookmaker Paddy Power infuses its well-developed, cheeky tone throughout every element of its brand. By posting sports-themed memes, images, videos and occasionally promotional content that links back to their website, they’ve become masters engagement.

  • Be current

Timing your social posts around trending topics and hashtags increases the chance that they’ll be seen. Join conversations that your audience is having and add your insight when it relates to your business or values. Oreo’s rainbow-coloured Oreo post appeared and went viral in June 2012. Yes, it sparked backlash. But it effectively showed the far-reaching power that a well-timed (though controversial) post could achieve.

  • Get visual

The stats speak for themselves. Content with images get 94% more views than without, and on Twitter, they receive 150% more retweets. Infographics are liked and shared on social 3 times more than other content, and Facebook native videos receive twice the engagement of YouTube links. So get visual.

  • Be informative

Being funny can boost shares, but that doesn’t mean you should forgo substance. Information and statistics about things people care about can generate massive engagement. Brands like Bet365 engage Twitter followers with a variety of questions, facts, polls and statistics to excite and engage sports lovers. And their audience responds.

  • Participate

Engagement isn’t merely about posting and leaving your audience in the lurch. Participate in your social community by responding to comments and facilitating conversations people care about.

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  • Spread happiness

Happiness is viral because happy people can’t help but pass it along. Whatever your brand, find ways to share positive, uplifting content—or at the very least content that evokes emotions. Sometimes the simplest images, quotes and videos create the most resounding responses.

As you implement these tactics, beware of letting your social strategy stagnate. Tracking your social analytics to determine what content types work best will help you fine-tune your approach and evolve with your audience.

Combine these best practices with solid metrics to engage your audience—and keep them coming back for more.

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Author: Aaron Phelps

Aaron is Digital Fuel's head of biddable media and has over six years experience in paid search. He enjoys MMA and following Liverpool FC.