Black Friday Learnings for Affiliates

Black Friday. A day synonymous with chaos. Spurring visions of aggressive consumers falling through retailers doors, stepping on their fellow shoppers and risking black eyes and broken bones. All for the glory of a half price TV.

While some consumers risk life and limb camping out to barge down doors as soon as they open, others choose to remove themselves from danger, opting to snap up a bargain online. In 2016, the UK saw a 12% increase in online purchases compared to 2015. The Black Friday Death Count could be playing a part.

Black Friday

More online purchases mean great opportunities for affiliates. As an affiliate, Black Friday can be the most productive day of the year. This is when retailers offer their most significant discounts. Getting the Black Friday strategy right, for some affiliates, means doubling annual earnings.

With all that revenue on the line, Black Friday is a day that brings out the best in marketing savvy. Retailers and affiliates up the ante year on year, and there is much to be learned from their tactics.

Retail is not unlike the competitive space of gaming. Observing these Black Friday best practises can help affiliates in all industries to improve their strategies, win market share and outdo the competition.

Here are our top 5 takeaways:

1. Be prepared Before Black Friday, affiliates work hard to optimise their 'best deals' page; putting the best affiliate offers on display during this period. Promotion of this page should start long before the big day. Email subscribers and promote it on social media to ensure your audience knows where to find your deals. Check your affiliate links.

2. Watch your competition It is obvious but impactful. Watch what your competitors are doing. Subscribe to their email lists, follow them on social media and analyse how they are approaching this period.

3. Get creative Consumers are visual. In an online world, aesthetics go a long way in convincing your audience to follow you, over a sub-par competitor. Update your graphics and copy in the lead up to big events. Be creative with your content.

Be Mobile Ready

4. Be mobile ready Everyone should know by now that mobile optimisation is crucial in online sales. Just in case this hasn't sunk in yet, be aware that mobile purchases over the Black Friday period have increased to 48% in 2016, from 30% in 2014. In the UK, 61% of digital minutes are spent on mobile.

5. Differentiate yourself Don't just learn what to copy from your competitors, think of how you can be different. In a competitive market, consumers look for unique content to capture their attention. Think outside the box. Run contests or giveaways. Design content to be different.

Bonus tip:

Break the rules - In response to everyone making Black Friday 'the' day where deals are at their best, Amazon, for some years, has notoriously broken the norm and starts their offers early to capitalise on the whet appetites of teased consumers. No surprise that other retailers have now followed.

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Author: Alison

Alison heads up Digital Fuel's affiliate team having joined the agency from 32Red. Working in the betting and gaming industry for over 15 years Alison has a wealth of experience at the highest level and in her spare time enjoys eventing and following Spurs.