ASX Top 50 company Tabcorp engaged Digital Fuel Marketing in 2015 to work closely with them in the setup of a new UK facing betting and gaming operation, Sun Bets. Sun Bets is a joint venture built on the leading reputation of two commanding brands: the gaming and wagering giant Tabcorp and The Sun newspaper, the UK's most iconic media title.

The consultancy brief was to bring product and territory knowledge into the business and to design, implement and execute a transparent and robust digital marketing strategy on the client's behalf.


Working with multiple stakeholders, Digital Fuel set about the task in a structured and collaborative way. To ensure maximum efficiency, Digital Fuel carried out a complete marketing infrastructure audit to understand what technology was at our disposal across both the Tabcorp and News UK ecosystem, and what additional tools were required to ensure an effective use of budget.  

Through many years of experience, we looked at acquisition opportunities through digital channels overlaying the strength of brand and market experience to forecast delivery from a paid acquisition plan that would deliver customers at an aggressive CPA. 

Execution of the plan across paid channels including social, search and display relied on the accurate tracking and analysis of the campaigns to deliver insightful data for campaign optimisation.  Utilising tracking software, analytics, and internal opportunities, we gathered an end-to-end view of the customer while collecting data that will be invaluable over the coming years as the Sun Bets brand looks to aggressively assert itself as one of the market leaders in the competitive UK landscape.


While Tabcorp is a hugely successful, accomplished and established operation in the Australian gaming and wagering market, the client's on-the-ground knowledge and expertise in the comparable UK market is limited.

While the skill sets appropriate to the Australian market are partially geographically transferable, the online sports betting and casino industry in the UK has its own regulatory infrastructure, consumer nuances and other specific challenges.

Online sports betting is a much more saturated and mature market in the UK than in Australia, which requires an aggressive approach to the customer acquisition process, and a working knowledge of the UK gaming regulatory framework to ensure that all digital activities across all channels are compliant to the UK Gambling Commission's standards of practice.

The Digital Fuel team brings a vast wealth of UK-specific gaming and wagering expertise to the Sun Bets table. We have tapped into our well of localised knowledge that comes from many of our key staff's previous work history at major competitor online betting sites across the verticals of sports betting, casino and poker.

The scope of Digital Fuel's experience translates into an arsenal of digital capabilities that has allowed us to hit the ground running in meeting our client's needs and in understanding the wants and needs of the British betting and gaming consumer.

In addition, the challenge of navigating a complex executive management structure that spans across two mega corporations (Tabcorp and News UK) might have added another layer of difficulty to the project. However, our ability to cut through and quickly identify the decision-makers and work closely with them has ensured our delivery of KPIs within budget and to deadline.


Importantly, Digital Fuel harnessed many years of experience within the betting and gaming category to rationalise decisions and save budget on opportunities that were not going to deliver incremental revenue benefits during the products infancy.

Digital Fuel was on hand at all occasions to bring a fresh and independent viewpoint, or to clarify and confirm data that might lead to product decisions. Ongoing consultancy through SEO, affiliates and beyond remain as part of our service as we moved into the executional element of acquiring new customers for the Sun Bets platform.

INSERT QUOTE HERE - Tabcorp UK marketing director Paul Cumiskey

In the first year of operation, Digital Fuel has managed the digital marketing budget on behalf of Tabcorp UK and News UK to deliver a well-balanced customer profile across multiple channels, and in line with the financial requirements.

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