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Project Overview

Digital Fuel were tasked with creating 3 corporate websites for a leading taxi firm in the south east of the United Kingdom. Each website would need to have its own brand identity, tone of voice and visual guidelines to distinguish between the different area of the region for firm serviced. Additionally, on two of the three websites, there would need to be a fare estimator widget in order to reduce the amount of queries into the call centre.

Problems & Challenges

The biggest challenge from the project came about through creating the widget for estimating fares, the widget would need to account for seasonal changes such as public holiday surcharges, evening fare increases, and an increase in charges when a fare estimate surpassed outside of anything in the kilometer radius.

Details About The Project

3 new websites were born complete with new brand guidelines and Wordpress content management systems, enabling the team at ACE Taxi Group to make changes to the existing site or add pages where necessary in the future. Wickfordtaxis.com and acetaxi.cab both used the Google Maps API to integrate an online fare estimator tool, enabling users to quickly see how much a potential trip will cost. Additionally, each of the 3 websites were mobile responsive, meaning customers were able to view fare estimates on their mobile device then quickly call to reserve a booking.

The websites were built to be SEO friendly, this helped all 3 of the websites appear in a higher position on the search engine results pages. Ace Taxis and Wickford Taxis both jumped ahead of competitor websites allowing them to increase their share in the local taxi market.

Ace Taxis website development
Results & Benefits

Since launching the websites, general enquires about fares through the phone have decreased significantly meaning more time for the call centre to run the operational side of the business more quickly and efficiently. Although general fare enquiry calls have decreased, there has been a surge in bookings from mobiles since the websites have gone live. Overall, ACE Taxi Group were more than happy with the finished product of all 3 sites.

General Manager of ACE Taxi Group Asa Oddy commented:

We’re over the moon with the results from Digital Fuel, it’s everything we wanted to take us to the next level in our journey. The ability to stand out in a competitive industry, especially now, is imperative, and with our new branding and identity, we’re able to confidently able to showcase our 5 star services to the region we serve.

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