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Unibet - Euro 2016 TrueView Campaign

General information about the project

Unibet's global 'Luck Is No Coincidence' campaign featured a range of unique episodes designed to emphasise how external factors can make a difference in sport and in betting. The episodes featured some of sports biggest names such as Glenn Hoddle, Brian Laudrup and Carl Lewis.

As the Paid Search Agency for Unibet Australia, Digital Fuel was tasked with distributing the series of videos across YouTube's video network TrueView. The main key performance indicator for the campaign was gain maximum exposure to the key demographic whilst maintaining a competitive cost-per-completed view.

problems & challenges

Video is fast becoming a key channel for many advertisers and the key challenge is targeting the right people. YouTube is widely regarded as the 2nd biggest search engine online, so it's easy to allow costs to spiral without the right strategy in place. In addition, Unibet are advertising in one of the most competitive markets around in online gambling. The biggest challenge of this campaign was achieving the amount of exposure at the right price. Added to that YouTube's 'skippable' ad format, optimising for the best creative has been key for gaining 100% exposure.

Unibet true view case study

Unibet true view case study
Details about the campaign

Digital Fuel were given a series of ad formats that included mini episodes at 11 seconds to longer format clips running at a lengthy 4 minutes.

Through targeting on the Adwords interface, Digital Fuel were firstly able to target males 18 years or over only. In order to gain enough traction at the start of the campaign, we targeted a number of affinity audiences who fit Unibet's key demographic; they included Auto & DIY, Fitness Buffs, Gamers, Investors, Music Lovers, News Junkies, Nightlife Enthusiasts and Sports Fans.

After around 2-4 weeks of data, the team were able to quickly identify those audiences who did not engage with any of the ads. Additionally, after 4 weeks of data, the best performing ads were optimised with an increased CPV (cost-per-view) bid, and the least performing ads were paused.

Results and Benefits

Throughout the course of the campaign, Digital Fuel achieved excellent results by reducing the cost-per-completed view by 29%. Additionally, Unibet gained a 16% uplift in ad recall, and a 12% uplift in brand awareness.

16% uplift in ad recall, and a 12% uplift in brand awareness

Through the vast amount of experience within the team and the long-standing relationship with the Unibet brand, Digital Fuel were able to surpass all expectations about the campaign.

Unibet true view case study

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