Community Management

We are about much more than just throwing out the random tweet and social media post. Our experienced community managers are at the frontline. We help your customers engage with and understand your brand, to drive sales, and to retain customers and grow awareness of your product or service.

When we caretake your community, our managers have their finger on the pulse of your consumers. They get to the heart of what makes your customers tick, and will tap into how your brand can start a dialogue with a customer that is genuine, enduring and resonates.

How We Help

Community management takes a tonne of time – let us do it right for you

Getting Engaged
We’ll humanise your brand by connecting with your customers regularly; we create and share relevant content, monitor forum threads, respond to customer comments, answer user questions, and handle customer service issues.
It’s only by listening that we can ensure your community continues to grow. We’ll listen to customer feedback, look at social media metrics, and observe what your target audience are into, not just on your own page, but further afield too.
Competitor Analysis
Our community managers will quickly get a handle on what your competition are doing to determine what they are doing better, and then apply this information to progress your community to new heights.
Grow Your Influence
We’ll proactively uncover blogs to comment on, use various social media platforms to have conversations with potential users, create blogger outreach campaigns, seek out brand advocates, and generally grow relevant followers and fans on your social media accounts.

We can manage the following communities:

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