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Digital Fuel Marketing offers a full suite of consultancy and strategy services designed to build your business with tangible results across all relevant marketing channels both online and offline.

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When you engage our consultancy and strategy services, our team of professional consultants quickly identifies real opportunities. We then develop and implement smart and unique marketing strategies to elevate your business to new heights.

Our Services


Data-driven ideas implemented through:
  • Cross-channel strategy
  • Setting clear KPIs and objectives, and regular reviews
  • Identifying opportunities across channels
  • Road mapping for the future
Digital segmentation via:
  • Thorough review of data structure
  • Analysis and segmentation of customer data
  • Mapping segmentation and outlining plans for implementation
Clear and actionable insight through:
  • Business intelligence via acquisition and retention data analysis
  • Customer conversion data mapping
  • Customer conversion data mapping
  • In-built attribution with strategy and tactical delivery
Comprehensive growth budgets based on KPI performance via:
  • Past performance analysis to predict future patterns
  • Budget planning accounting for all digital channels and target forecasting based on individual client needs and industry best practice
Management using core best practices:
  • Detailed planning
  • Execute the campaign setup
  • Test ever touch point of the marketing campaign
  • Implement the campaign and put it live
  • Attributed reporting and analysis
  • Optimise each area of the campaign


Readily available data applicable to decisions using:
  • Comprehensive extraction and analysis of data
  • Implementation of a reporting tool, dashboard and templates
  • Complete analysis of cross-channel performance
Selection Planning for future tech needs via:
  • Technology analysis of client needs and objectives
  • Recommendation of changes to technology requirements
  • Application of supplier insight and knowledge
  • Development of recommendations and management/support of supplier selection process
Efficient rollout in line with marketing needs through:
  • Proper project management
  • Communication between supplier, IT and marketing teams
  • Regular testing of systems
  • Ensuring marketing requirements are considered at all times
Data-driven, results focused systems via:
  • Review of analytics and strategy
  • Defining and analysis of KPIs
  • Extraction and analysis of data
  • Regression and cross-channel analysis
Innovative marketing data deployment through:
  • Vigilant planning, execution and review of data collection, storage and access for marketing needs
  • Emphasis on analytics software, adserving, SCVs and DMPs


Customer-centric digital product strategy that reacts to business needs via:
  • Reviews of the product and audience
  • Evaluation of business objectives against product and consumer market segments
Budgeting for growth and total pricing-conversion impact with:
  • Thorough offer analysis
  • Price point and offer testing templates
Rollout in collaboration with marketing requirements using:
  • Review of Website needs in consultation with all relevant departments
  • KPI roadmap with marketing, product and customer needs in mind
  • Project management of any and all platform changes
Hacking Planning for real growth through:
  • Development of growth engine strategy
  • Genuine review of team structures, product development processes and marketing plans after growth engineering principles
  • Development of recommendations
    Planned, ongoing uprades of sell-through with:
  • Reviews of product positioning
  • Solutions designed for product recommendations
  • Onsite personalisation
UX Integrated tactics to conversion beyond CRO via:
  • Development of conversion testing plans
  • Deployment of hands-on diversified testing
  • Development of user experience reviews, plus consumer and user-experience strategy
  • Correlation between KPIs and user experience
  • Rollout of information architecture to wireframe level


Flexible digital positioning/more proactive stance using:
  • Review of business team and business model
  • Mapping of high-level strategy and business direction
  • Development of various recommendations
Access to industry leaders through:
  • Training across channels
  • Training materials
  • Interactive face-to-face workshops
  • Webinars
Company focus on growth via:
  • Review of team skill set
  • Review of business KPIs and various teams
  • Development of recommendations
  • Creation of internal processes for KPI conflict resolution
Better team-based delivery through:
  • Review of all processes
  • Finding problem areas and opportunities
  • Internalisation of the team
Developing a more responsive business modified to consumer demands and disruptors via:
  • Comprehensive review of business model compared with marketplace and competitors
  • Workshopping potential business models and developing templates for testing and implementation


More effective client-side PPC with:
  • Review and development of paid-search strategy
  • Real paid-search account and agency management
  • Setting realistic targets
Better equipped to respond to major changes in display advertising on the client side via:
  • Review and development of display advertising strategy
  • Agency organization
  • Set-up of Programmatic
Marketing based on data capture and analysis using:
  • Review and development of email strategy
  • Rollout, creative development and implementation of email campaigns
  • Plan for testing email program and personalization rollout
  • Setting appropriate targets
Management of affiliate program to row value via:
  • Review and development of affiliate marketing strategy
  • Practical management of affiliate marketing program, network management, recruitment, activation, and affiliate account and relationship management
  • Setting relevant targets
Smart, logical social strategy though:
  • Review and development of organic and paid-search strategy
  • Hands-on social strategy management
  • Benchmark setting
Execution of social strategy via:
  • Technical scoping, both onsite and offsite needs
  • Project and channel management
  • Confirm targets and action measurement and reporting

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