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COVID-19 Response – We’re Here to Support You

The time has come for Digital Fuel Marketing as an agency to make a statement on the rapidly developing Coronavirus pandemic. We have been monitoring the situation as closely as we can in an effort to understand how the impact of the virus and measures to stop its spread will be felt, for our clients and our staff. Naturally our primary concerns are around the welfare of our people and all those with whom we have working relationships. So let us begin with our internal policies in place to support our team.

Firstly, across all our offices we have instigated a fully flexible work from home policy whereby every member of the business from Sydney to Shropshire will not be expected to come in to any of our offices, or to the workplaces of our clients. With social distancing measures in place as advised by the governments of Australia, the UK and US we will fully support our team by providing all staff with whatever is necessary to enable full remote working capability. These measures are to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staff, as well as to respect the advice of the authorities but we would like to clarify that no staff will be expected to work during this time should they become ill and our sickness and leave policies remain unaffected. This means any staff sickness will be paid in full from the very first day of absence.

In terms of how work with our clients is impacted we would ask for your patience and understanding in these challenging times. There will naturally be questions that arise with regard to how campaigns are managed and run whilst developments unfold and we are committed to running our operation at full capacity. We would therefore ask you to get in touch with us personally to better understand how your specific campaign(s) will be affected and what may need to be done to address issues that arise.

Our CEO Toby will take calls and questions from all of our clients and partners so whatever your concerns, please do get in touch so we can work through this together. You can also contact your account manager should you require any additional clarity on the delivery of work during this crisis.

Through utilisation of connectivity tools and trusted remote working practices our team will remain in constant communication with one another, and with our clients. We would therefore ask that you please keep us as informed as you can as to your own response and changing circumstances so we are best placed to react as appropriate.

We are confident that we have the experience and the dedication necessary to weather this storm and what’s more we are proud of the resilience shown by our hard working team around the world as we all pull together to carry on.

Please do get in touch with us no matter what your thoughts or concerns as we are a people driven company and passionately believe that together we will not only survive, but we will prosper.

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