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How Long Does It Take To Rank In Google?

The most talked about conundrum found anywhere in the world of SEO, we all know the huge benefits being one of the top boys on Google can have on your site. With some estimates going as far as to say anywhere between 91% and 95% of users won’t go into page two of their search results, it’s clear that having your page in the promised land of the top ranks on a SERP is pretty vital.

This, quite rightly, leads us onto the question we’re asked most by page owners: ‘How long will it take my page to rank in Google?’. Ahrefs conducted a thorough study into this very subject, and the results make for a pretty interesting read.

Playing The Keyword Game

In their study of two million sample keywords, Ahrefs found that the average age of the top 10 Google results started at two years old and increased the higher up you go, with the age of pages that rank at number 1 on Google standing at almost three years old on average.

With just 22% of pages that currently rank in the top 10 being created within a year, it’s clear to see the power of having a top, established ranking page for Google users to link to.

As Google gets older, more and more prized keywords get gobbled up, making this keyword game that much harder to stand out in. While it is certainly easier to rank for low volume keywords quite quickly, it’s proven to be a difficult task dethroning an established web page that has had years worth of links from all around the world pointing to it.

Hard Work Pays Off

With the odds seemingly up against most new sites, it has never been more important to ensure your site has as high a domain rating (DR) as possible. In almost all aspects of SEO, pages with a higher DR have been shown to massively outperform those with a lower DR, and this is especially true for rankings in Google.

As the study shows, only 10.8% of pages with a high domain rating rank in the top 10 of Google searches within a year, however that number drops to 7.2% for those with a medium domain rating, and then falls even more drastically to just 3.0% for those with a low DR.

These findings are not a coincidence and they’re certainly not explained away by pointing to something like blind luck. As ever in the world of SEO, the top placements and rewards are reserved solely for the pages and authors who educate themselves on the ranking world, and work hard to ensure their sites are best placed for success.

Courtesy of: The Website Group

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