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3 Strategies to Improve Your iGaming SEO & Content

At Digital Fuel Marketing, we are big fans of including content and SEO in your iGaming acquisition strategy. Not only does great content increase customer loyalty and brand recognition, focusing on SEO and content can have a massive impact on your bottom line via increased organic acquisition.

We work with a number of gambling clients to plan and deliver their SEO and content strategies. Whilst we are not refuting that SEO is a long-term investment, it is possible to start generating relevant traffic for your sportsbook or casino in a matter of months. With 11% of total internet traffic now coming from online casino players, acknowledging the importance of SEO and content can have enduring results for your brand.

Our content team has analysed what’s been working for Digital Fuel Marketing’s clients, and shared three learnings to improve your iGaming content and SEO.

Here are three SEO and content strategies to help you improve the visibility of your content and build organic iGaming traffic for your business:

1. Utilise schema markup to improve on page search engine visibility

Schema markup is one of the more recent developments in SEO strategy, and can be used to amplify your business’ visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs). Utilising schema markup can help improve click through rates and take up more screen real estate when used effectively.

A great example of using schema markup effectively in the realm of iGaming, is to utilise it to highlight important upcoming fixtures or events, as seen below in this example from Paddy Power.

This looks more appealing, takes up more space, and is more informative for your potential customers than this example:

We recommend this guide from Neil Patel to help you with the process of getting started using schema markup.  

2. Utilise other channels beyond your own website or blog to push content that adds value.

Don’t be afraid to use other platforms to share your organisation’s expertise beyond your website. There are a multitude of options for you to publish across the internet; as an example, free platforms like Medium, Tumblr, Blogger and Linkedin can all be used to share your expertise and experience. Using other channels in this way enables you to reach different audiences to those you would ordinarily reach with your blog or social channels alone. 

Additionally this can also help with link building strategy and help to improve your domain authority depending on where the content is published. If you’re an authority in your space, then sharing your expertise elsewhere online gives you and your brand further credibility and kudos – and if your brand is not yet considered an authority in your space, sharing your expertise and knowledge online builds your reputation.

3. Look beyond the obvious when planning content

Premier League previews, player ratings for the weekend’s games and similar concepts are ten a penny when planning sportsbook content. They’re easy to produce but they’re also already available in abundance so it can be hard to stand out. Taking time to create more original content, in addition to the more standard fare, will pay long term dividends and using data for insights is a key differentiator.

As an example, Sergio Aguero has Converted 64% of his Chances Against Bournemouth is a much more intriguing headline than Norwich v Watford Preview. You will need to put more work in to get the data and crunch the numbers, but any original research you can bring to the table can help deliver far more coverage and clicks as a whole.

Additionally, consider which keywords can be utilised to gain maximum value from your “standard” content. Working with one of our clients, we identified the value of the ‘Premier League predictions‘ keyword and began optimising the landing page that hosted all their Premier League weekend preview content, for that keyword. This enabled us to achieve page one ranking for this valuable term for our sportsbook client, with the term worth around 11k searches a month, and it became their blog’s highest traffic driving term month after month.

Improve your iGaming SEO and Content today

These three strategies are just a few of the tactics you can utilise to improve your brand’s SEO and content. If you don’t already have a blog in place on your website, we’d recommend starting one to improve both your acquisition and customer retention. And if you are stuck for content ideas, take a look at our previous article how to create engaging evergreen article for your sportsbook blog.If you are convinced of the importance of SEO & content for your business but don’t have the in-house capacity or expertise to move forward, get in touch with us at Digital Fuel Marketing today. We have a flexible and hard-working SEO and Content team, who can help improve rankings, boost traffic and propel your organic acquisition to new levels.

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