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Designing and building a website for a restaurant inside one of the world’s most iconic landmarks


The Client

Bennelong is one of Sydney’s most famous restaurants located inside one of the world’s most famous and iconic landmarks, the Sydney Opera House.

Located next to Sydney’s iconic landmarks, Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, the restaurant has become central to a food and wine lovers since 2001.

The Project

Digital Fuel were tasked to design and build the new website for Bennelong, to create something visually amazing and functionally easy to navigate in order to view the latest menus, events, and news to showcase the award winning food and team members.

Using elements from the brand’s sister restaurant Quay, the restaurant website would need to bring its own brand elements and uniqueness to reignite regular diners and attract a new audience to a venue like no other.

The team at Bennelong were keen to showcase the various aspects of the restaurant, including the different areas catering for different styles and spaces, including three levels of serving space and a bar area.


There are lots of challenges to building a website that is in such as iconic location and building, it needs to represent style, elegance and history, whilst maintaining usability. Implementing the booking widget with multiple reservation options was one of the biggest hurdles, which was overcome by producing a nice drop down feature showcasing the restaurant and the ‘cured and cultured’ menus.

Results & Benefits

The website was launched with a new look-and-feel visualising the stunning architecture, food and surroundings of Sydney Harbour. Using a dataLayer within the code, we were also able to provide the restaurant with booking data capture enabling them to view which online marketing sources are working.


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