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Custom WordPress template, incorporating a new brand identify to encompass the unique style of each restaurant in the group.


The Client

Fink is one of Australia's leading restaurant groups with a number of high profile venues located around world-famous landmarks around Sydney.

The restaurants under the Fink name include Quay, Bennelong, Firedoor, OTTO Sydney, OTTO Brisbane, and Beach – Byron Bay.

The Project

After completing the majority of restaurant websites, Digital Fuel were tasked to create a ‘group’ website to supersede the existing site and incorporate a new corporate design to showcase the variety and unique nature of each venue but also to bring a fresh design and user experience to a website known for one of the most famous hospitality groups in Australia.

One of the major issues for Fink, was that the existing brand was not linked to the high-end restaurants that people are used to hearing and reading about, there was a slight disconnect between Quay, Bennelong and other well-known venues and the Fink name. The objective of the new site was to incorporate those names and their unique branding under a single ‘umbrella’ website.

Additionally, the new website was to house the hub for recruitment at every venue therefore a method of users submitting CV’s was required, along with the ability to book a table.


One of the major challenges for the new Fink website was to build an environment where users could book a table with the option of multiple restaurants, and also to apply for various positions within the group. The recruitment widget would need to be intuitive and ask the user for their chosen career path to which a list of available jobs would appear.

Results &Benefits

The new Fink brand was implemented into a slicker and more user-friendly website, with users gaining more awareness of the restaurants through an interactive booking widget, and lots more opportunities for job seekers to send a cover letter and their CV directly to the Fink recruitment team. In the 6 months after going live compared with the previous 6 months, overall site visits were up by 68%, the overall bounce rate decreased by 7%, and the number of new users grew by 71%.