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Full Page Display Case Study

General Information AboutThe Client.

The Australian arm of leading international bookmaker, Ladbrokes, sought Digital Fuel Marketing to acquire high volume, quality bettors at a competitive cost-per-acquisition. As such, Digital Fuel Marketing advised Ladbrokes on running Full Page Display in tandem with their current digital channels, to synergise Ladbroke’s marketing strategy.

General Information About The Project

Ladbrokes required an uplift in their active Australian sportsbook bettors. After careful analysis of Ladbrokes current digital marketing mix, Digital Fuel Marketing identified Full Page Display as an essential channel to facilitate the higher-funnel activities of the brand to drive customers to convert.

Unconventionally, the team saw the opportunity to concurrently utilise this channel as a direct response tool, which meant Digital Fuel Marketing would be measured on their ability to deliver first-time depositors at rates competitive with Ladbrokes’ direct response channels.

Problems and Challenges

The key issue faced by Ladbrokes was how to diversify their digital reach to acquire new customers at a high volume, whilst keeping their cost-per-acquisition low. Digital Fuel Marketing responded by providing a non-conventional solution, advising Ladbrokes to engage in performance campaigns on a non-direct response channel.

The team challenged the traditional nature of Full Page Display by testing this channel’s ability to act as an acquisition tool rather than it’s historical use in branding and awareness.

Details About The Campaign

Ladbrokes provided the team with a range of landing page variations, promoting their strongest acquisition offers for new customers. From this, Digital Fuel Marketing were able to simultaneously leverage their knowledge of the Ladbrokes brand, alongside their expertise with the Display landscape to tailor a bespoke targeting strategy to drive new bettors.

Digital Fuel Marketing continuously tested landing page and offer variations, alongside targeted segments and traffic zones, to optimise data based on which campaign aspects resonated the strongest with their key segments.

"As timeliness is key for this channel, consistent optimisation involving day-parting, up-weighting of bids, and round-the-clock maintenance have been key to ensuring a proactive approach in converting customers during high-acquisition periods."

Results and Benefits

Through consistent campaign optimisation and thorough knowledge of the betting and digital environment in Australia, Digital Fuel Marketing has consistently driven extremely strong results, proving Full Page Display’s role as extremely important to Ladbrokes’ digital acquisition strategy. Not only has this channel been essential in boosting branding and consideration efforts, it’s ability to provide high volume conversions inline with conventional direct response channels is astonishing.

These results continue to improve year on year, whereby October’s 2016 Spring Carnival campaign saw an amazing 73% increase in first depositors, whilst operating at an impressive 52% reduction in cost-per-acquisition. Digital Fuel Marketing has continued to surpass Ladbrokes’ expectations.


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