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Custom WordPress template, with a quick turn around time.


The Client

Quay is one of Australia’s most famous and recognised restaurants boasting some of the most prestigious awards in the food industry.

Located next to Sydney’s iconic landmarks, Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, the restaurant has become central to a food and wine lovers since 2001.

The Project

Digital Fuel were tasked with the design and build of the new Quay website to coincide with the re-launch of the restaurant in July 2018. An overhaul of the restaurant from top to bottom was in order, meaning a $4m renovation.

The website had to encompass the new brand and be the focal point for new and returning visitors. Reflecting the style and elegance of the restaurant interior, would need to reflect these traits but allow the user to seamlessly and effortlessly flow through the site with a view to booking a reservation or making an event enquiry easily at any point throughout the journey.

We took the Quay marketing team through the whole journey, firstly by understanding the values of Quay and the typical demographics of the regular diners, then by mapping out user journeys according to their main key performance indicators (more bookings, and more emphasis on events). At every step of the way, Quay were involved in each session leading us down the path to development, from wireframing, to design, front-end development, to eventually building a bespoke, custom made WordPress template, unique to Quay.


As the restaurant opening date was set in stone, the website had to be ready in time for the launch. This meant a relatively quick turnaround and an ‘all hands on deck’ approach. In addition, the existing website needed to incorporate a full page pop-up in order to create anticipation for the grand opening, and a smooth transition to the new website look-and-feel.

Results &Benefits

The new website was delivered in time for the launch and incorporated all of the features requested by the client. The reservation engine was added as a slide out widget so it was easily accessible on every page of the site, furthermore, reservation details were passed through to Google Analytics for increased visibility on valued customers. The pages on the site have a snap scroll, rather than a smooth scroll to allow the visitor a smooth journey through a site that gives enough information about the restaurant to entice you into making a booking.


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