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Redhill Education

Google & Bing Paid Search for 3 colleges in the Redhill Group

The Client

Redhill Education are one of the most well known and respected group of higher education facilities in Australia. Most colleges are situated in the east coast of the country and primarily cater for technology, digital marketing and design courses.

The Project

After the team initially reviewed the existing Google Ads accounts within the group and providing a mini-audit of the set up, targeting and account structure, Digital Fuel were tasked with taking over the management of 4 accounts on a permanent basis.

The initial 3 months of the project comprised of re-building the account structure for each account and gathering adequate data to then start to optimise towards the most appropriate goals using Hubspot and the Google Ads conversion pixel as the mechanic for reporting on form submissions (leads), and confirmed enrolments with the ultimate goal of providing a return on ad spend and compare against other channels.

As higher education is a seasonal product with peaks and troughs, optimising and up-weighting towards key dates was, and is a vital key performance indicator for the client.


Managing multiple Google Ads accounts for a client is always a challenge as often a group with multiple brands often has different messaging, brand guidelines, intake dates and offers. Additionally, with multiple conversion points on each website, there was lots to track including online enquiries, phone calls, course applications and open day sign ups.

Results and Benefits

After a major account overhaul on all four Google Ads accounts, we compared key intake periods from 2018 to 2019, conversions from one of Redhill’s major colleges, the Australian Institute of Technology (AIT) was up by 273% comparing the first 3 months of each year.

Conversion rate for their coding school, Coder Academy, was up by 125% year on year, and the International School of Colour and Design (ISCD) saw a 25% increase in new contacts throughout the same period.


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