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Two Providores

Design and redevelopment of Two Providores, a leading wholesale food provider in Sydney.


The Client

Two Providores are a leading wholesale food provider based in Sydney, Australia. They provide artisan and essential foods for cafes, bars and restaurants.

Having a huge customer base across much of the east coast of Australia, the website would need to incorporate a huge array of data from Two Providores’ stock management system in order to take orders, update stock levels, and preview delivery dates & times.

The Project

As one of the largest providers of wholesale artisan and essential produce, the new website would need to be multi-faceted and incorporate lots of moving parts in order to provide existing users with a seamless transition from old to new. First and foremost, the new website would need to be mobile optimised and be designed with a mobile first approach but still retain lots of the components that existing users liked and were familiar with, especially during the ordering process.

The website would need to integrate all of the products within the huge internal database via a feed, added to this, the new CMS would need to be Drupal in order to house product information, stock levels, and pricing data.

As the existing website did not have any individual pages for products, this would also be a necessary component of the new website in order to provide more information on products and to improve search engine rankings.


Much of the challenge when it came to developing Two Providores, was the huge amount of data that would need to be brought in from an external source, i.e. the in-house database. Secondary to this, the CMS would need to be Drupal as this was the only content management system which was compatible with the existing set up. This made the process a little more challenging as the simplicity of WordPress and e-commerce integration often gets underestimated! Our development team would need to link the database to various modules within Drupal to feed the data in real time. All of this meant a much more cost efficient method for the client, rather than re-building a database from scratch.

Results & Benefits

Once going live, the website saw an increase in both online visitors from organic and direct sources, and an increase in online orders. Online orders increased by 31% year on year, orders from mobile devices was up by 21% and overall users increased by 52%, with organic users increasing by 45%.


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