Public Relations

Now, in the Internet age, Public Relations (PR) will touch multiple areas of a marketing and advertising campaign. It’s this integrated approach, along with flexibility and responsiveness, needed to truly develop a brand’s voice that we excel at.

Our PR will help to build general awareness of your product, service or brand in collaboration with your marketing and advertising efforts. With the right message and strategic media distribution, we create visibility, which in turn can secure partnerships, customers and funding for your brand.

Our PR services fit into today’s modern marketing strategy and amplify its results.

At Digital Fuel Marketing, we offer the following PR services:

Reputation Management
Monitoring your brand and what is being said about it – both positive and negative - is time consuming. We can save you resources and energy by responding to inaccurate stories, dealing with an aggrieved customer, sharing and encouraging reviews and customer endorsements, or simply replying to an unanswered question wherever these mentions take place – in forums, on social sites, or in blog posts etc.
Content-led Communications
Our PR professionals are key to your content strategy, and best placed to drive well constructed and engaging messaging that reflects both your brand’s visual ethos and its tone and personality. We’ll work tirelessly to generate content that is relevant and tells your story harmoniously across all channels simultaneously – in your social and online communications as well as in traditional media.
Social Media PR
We have the skills and expertise needed to project a positive business image for your brand, and social media provides an excellent platform for doing so, allowing us to further cultivate your brand personality. By maintaining activity on your relevant social networks, and presenting your company as an industry authority, we add credibility to your business.
Community Management
We get the word out about your business through a variety of well-considered tools and tactics that allow us to open up the two-way conversation with your target market. It’s through this two-way dialogue that we are able to better define and understand your audience, so that we can continue to hone your overall digital marketing plan.
Brand Advocacy
Just one of the PR services we offer, brand advocacy can have profound impact on your public reputation. We engage with your most valued customers, listen to their feedback, and develop genuine relationships with them, with the view that they will talk favorably about their experiences online.
Influencer Outreach
We research and identify key individuals who can deliver important content to your target audience, lead outreach campaigns and nurture the relationships with influential bloggers and industry media to expand your reach and brand awareness.

Make your PR campaigns deliver with our award winning team