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Shining a Light on Prostate Cancer, Digital Fuel Marketing Offer Creative Support for Tabcorp’s Tap Initiative

Each year in Australia, one in seven men is diagnosed with prostate cancer. This is an alarming number, and one made all the more concerning by the fact that many Australian men, and women, still don’t understand its seriousness or just how common it is. 

Working hard to change this, Australian wagering giant Tabcorp is proudly supporting the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. Tabcorp tasked themselves with creating awareness around prostate cancer in a way that would minimise the stigma and appeal to the men of Australia. The medium? Footy. 

Tipping for a Tap

Tapping into the captive audience following the AFL finals, Tabcorp’s Tap Initiative pledged to donate $100 to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia every time players tapped their team members during a game. Running from 5th September through to 6th October, the goal was to reach $100,000 in donations and significantly increase awareness of prostate cancer amongst Australians, particularly men.

Beyond their support through donations, Tabcorp also wanted to significantly increase awareness and offer interested individuals the information they may seek around prostate cancer, as well as how they could get involved and show their support through donations or spreading further awareness. 

To help bring this space together, they called on the team at Digital Fuel Marketing. 

Bringing in the Creative Backing

With a fantastic vision and lofty goals in mind, Tabcorp leant on Digital Fuel to bring in the creative weight and communicate their message in a way that would encourage engagement, support and greater awareness of the cause. 

Task in hand, Digital Fuel developed a microsite and assisted with design work for the Tap Initiative to offer footy fans an entertaining space to learn more about the cause. The microsite outlines the severity of prostate cancer in Australia and how the Tap Initiative plans to raise money towards this.

From various news outlets, charity websites and the homepage, users were directed to the microsite in order to generate greater awareness of the campaign and the cause. The microsite’s visitors were users that wanted to learn more about the Tap Initiative – background information and a live counter for money raised – and also anyone who might be affected by prostate cancer by sharing resources, guides, and helpful information. 

With the campaign now having come to a close, Digital Fuel are proud to have been able to contribute to such a worthy initiative. Creating a platform where fans can actively support the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, and where those affected by prostate cancer can feel the support of their community, and their sports heroes has been immensely worthwhile. Tab announced their #TAPInitiative was a great success as they donated $100,000 to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

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