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Social Media Advertising Top Priority for SMBs, Survey Finds.

BrandMuscle’s lengthy but thorough survey State of Local Marketing reveals social media advertising (SMA) was the top channel for SMBs who voted it the most comprehensive marketing priority for 2019.

Paid-Search came in a surprisingly low 9th place, in terms of top marketing priorities. The survey populace consisted of dealers, channel partners, retailers and franchises.

BrandMuscle’s detailed report boasts numerous findings, but what really jumps out of the page is SMA putting paid search to the sword. Display advertising is the only marketing channel which ranks lower than traditional PPC in the report.

Views on Effective Marketing Tactics

It’s clear that partners perceive digital execution as the key to effectiveness, with social media the most integral tool for many partners, yet there is a wide gap in both the usage and effectiveness between Facebook and every other social channel, which exposes a wide lack of knowledge concerning the differentiation in the audience.

Increased Spending

Nearly half of those who participated in the study said they would increase their spending on digital marketing, but more importantly, social media in 2019, while only a slight few admitted they would decrease spending. A trend is emerging of increased spending for social and digital even in a difficult economic climate.

Partnership Spending.

Those who are investing and making a commitment with their own funds say their marketing spend level is sufficient, but understand the correlation between spending more on marketing and achieving growth. 84% of the survey agree that marketing funding directly contributes to growth and exposure.L

However the survey also revealed many SMBs don’t fully understand consumer behaviour and are concerned only with last-click ROI.

Attack the Digital and Social Low-Hanging Fruit.

Respondents have recognised that using digital channels, and social media in particular, makes it easier to track ROI, and there is an abundance of opportunity in the market. The investment in digital and social tactics, showing how to effectively execute, monitor and optimise campaigns on these platforms, can make a positive impact.

The positive findings from the survey, are that there is an appetite for education. 84% of those surveyed want to learn more about marketing to improve their business performance. Social media is benefitting from its ubiquity and some simple ad options for small business owners. Traditional paid search, conversely, is at the back-of-the-pack for SMBs, but this may well be more to do with having a steeper learning curve than with display and social ads.

Businesses large and small should be utilising the best marketing channels for their offering but it won’t always be obvious which those are without trial and error. If you’re looking to better understand how PPC can deliver marketing ROI or want to take your social media marketing to the next level, why not get in touch with Digital Fuel!

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