Social Media Marketing

Social media, the new kid on the block, has revolutionised how customers interact with brands. With more peer-to-peer recommendations out there, your brand needs to have a more personal conversation with your fans and onlookers. Not as widely known, but paid advertising on social media, if you know how to target your optimum demographic when they’re most receptive, will give you exceptional return on your advertising spend.

Using popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and the fast-growing Instagram, Digital Fuel Marketing can boost your marketing by targeting the right people at the right time.

Why social media marketing?

New Customers
Find new customers and retain existing customers.
Social Chat
Learn what’s being said about your brand and act instantly.
Strengthen your relationship with existing customers through conversation.

Above example shows a Facebook Canvas created by Digital Fuel Marketing for TAB.com.au

Low-Cost Paid Marketing
Not many marketers understand social media, so it’s the right time to gain first mover advantage of low cost, low competitiveness and tight targeting. At Digital Fuel Marketing, we target by age, gender, likes, income and more, so you know that you’re talking to the right people.
Full Reporting
Analytics for most platforms give full visibility into conversions, and how your demographic engages with your brand.
Multiple Touch Points
Provide a consistent message to your customers from any channel on any device wherever they are.

Looking to start converting your social followers into paying customers?

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