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Traffic Generation – Know What Your Customers Are Worth

With Traffic Generation you can really understand what your customers are worth across online, mobile, social, plus land based and retail operations.

Data analytics specialist Traffic Generation has revealed that 38% of social casino players prefer playing in the evening , 29% of them visit a community page several times a day or that 64% of them play other social games apart outside of the casino variant.

The survey interviewed 1577 players, its aim is to find out how data analysis can help target players in the social casino space. Check out the Traffic Generation info-graphic below for more detail.

Digital Fuel and Traffic Generation work very closely together to provide our clients with a fully automated business intelligences platform that provides a single customer view across all areas of there business. If you operate a land based casino in Macau or Vegas and you have a social casino or online/mobile casino, we can help you understand the true value of your customers.

Are you a sports betting business that need to understand if you social activity is driving new customers or driving existing customers to convert to other gaming product? We Digital Fuel and Traffic Generation can really help your gambling business to get a single player view across all your products and channels of marketing and communications. For more information on Traffic Generation please click here. Contact us today for a free no obligation demonstration.

We can also provide to your business the perfect view of who your customers are and who you do and don’t want as customers. Once we identify your businesses customer type we are then able to help your business acquire more customers that fit you businesses profile and manage the customers that are not profitable for your business.

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